Impressions from a pilgrimage

Ouranopoli and
M. Zygou

Arrival with car from Thessaloniki

From Ouranopoli
to Dafne

Boat trip with Sotiras to Dafne, the harbor of Mount Athos

M. Simonopetra

First stop at beautiful
M. Simonopetra

Karyes- the capital

Karyes- the capital, the Kelli Ag. Nikolaou, and a Madonna Lilliy

M. Koutloumousiou

Short stop at M. Koutloumousiou

M. Iviron

Through the woods down to M. Iviron

M. Megisti Lavra
& S. Prodromos

And then back up again to M. Megisti Lavra and S. Prodromos

M. Vatopedi

From Lavra through Karyes and then to the beautiful M. Vatopedi

View of Agion Oros
from a distance

Boat trip from Sithonia along the south coast of the Mount Athos peninsula

Mount Athos








Some materials by courtesy of Zbigniew
Kosc, Agion-oros., Alexia
Monachos. net,,
newadvent. org/cathen,, Techni Editions

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