Antiphonetria - Monastery of Kostamonitou

In the reign of the Emperor Constantine Monomachus, in the year 1020, the sacred icon of the Antiphonetria performed the folloeing miracle at the Konstamonitou Monastery.

On the first of the month of August, the day on which the Orthodox Church celebrates the Procession of the Holy and Life-giving Cross, the then ecclesiarch of the Monastery, by the name of Agathon, was plunged into brief because the Monastery did not have the means of lighting and embellishing the church in a proper manner. It was the eve of the feast of the translation of the relics of St Stephen, patron of the Monastery, and in his distress the ecclesiarch called upon the Theotokos with tears, remaining on his knees before her icon all night. Fasting and weary as he was, he fell asleep for a little while, and in an ecstacy heard a voice from the icon of the Antiophonetria which told him not to be sad or distressed: she cares for every detail of the life of the Holy Mountain.

In confirmation of her words, the storage jar of the church filled with oil, while all the other stores of the Monastery were supplied with the necessities of life. When Agathon heard this, he awoke, overjoyed at the spectacle. He went immediately to the church, and, seeing the storage jar full, was amazed and proclaimed the miracle to his brethren in a loud voice.


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