Koukouzalissa - Megiste Lavra Monastery


In front of this icon the vigil of the Saturday of the Akathistos Hymn was held from a very early date. After the end of this vigil, and in front of this icon, it happened on one occasion that the weary first cantor of the Lavra, and former chief musician of the Palace, St Ioannes Koukouzeles, had started to doze in his stall when he saw the Blessed Virgin before him. She returned his “Hail!” with the words “Hail Ioannes! Sing for me and I will not abandon you”, while at the same time she put in his hand a gold coin, which, waking up, the Saint found that he was really holding. When, later as a result of the long hours of vigil and standing, in which he was very zealus, his legs were affected, the Theotokos again appeared to him in a dream and cured him. This miracle-working icon now stands on a small wooden throne in the chapel of the Monastery which bears its name.


Mount Athos








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