Synagogue at Jericho - pictures and plans

View of the Synagogue at Jericho. Picture by courtesy of SBF.

The Synagogue has been identified by E. Netzer in 1998 to go back to the Asmonaean Period (between 104 and 31 BC). If that is the case, it is the most ancient synagogue found to date in Israel. The hall had 12 columns around the nave with four aisles (m 7,6x12,4). On its sides, there were four series of steps to accommodate about 150 people. There was also a small water-tank (gurna), a tiny niche in the northeastern corner, a miqweh, and two baths on the south side. On its west side, there is the addition of a triclinium for communal meals.

Plan of the Jericho Synagogue. Adapted picture.

Mosaic in Synagogue at Jericho. Picture by courtesy of

Ancient Synagogues

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