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Four maps researched and designed for Jesus och de första kristna, 2006 (Copyright Dieter Mitternacht & Anders Runesson)

From Yehud to Janneas
440 BCE - 63 CE


Israel under the Herods
20 BCE - 41 CE

The Eastern Mediterranean
around 60 CE


The expansion of Christianity
untill 200 CE


Map of the Quarter outside the Porta Marina at Ostia Antica, including the Villa suburbana and the Syangogue, publlished in "Current views on Jews..." 2003Read and download article [here].

larger image

Map of the Quarter outside the Porta Marina in the second half of the first century CE. Some parts of the villa structure belong to the 2nd cent. The villa plan was included with courtesy of M. Heinzelmann.

1 Sanctuary for Bona Dea
2 Domus fuminata
3 Synagogue building
4 Peristyle of Villa suburbana
5 Pavillion of Villa suburbana
6 Presumed road that preceded the Via Severiana
7 Insulae remains from the first century (saggio b)



published in
Jesus och de första kristna, 2006

The Herodian temple

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