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This website is completely non-profit. It started out as a gateway for students of New Testament at Lund University. Then, pictures from archeological field trips with colleagues, students and friends were added, and one by one new areas of interest relating to the study of religion were included.

Anyone who has maintained an Internet gateway knows about the tedious and frustrating business of keeping links updated. Sites appear and dissapear, information is moved from one site to another, and so on. At times valuable information suddenly vanishes for unknown reasons. The policy adopted for this site is therefore to include important materials from other sites and inform with courtesy notes and source references about the origin of the material whenever possible. Mirroring is done as a sign of appreciation for the owners of the materials and for no other purposes. Should an owner object to this procedure and want his materials excluded from this site, she och he is requested to write to the Website owner Dieter Mitternacht. Views and opinions expressed in mirrored and linked pages are not necessarily shared by the owner of this site.